September 2020 – April 2021



Installation of all process services in the Building 5 ATM-AVI Powder Filling Facility. The new facility will handle sensitising pharmaceutical product mono beta-lactam and must be established as a “segregated” facility to prevent contamination transfer both into and out of its perimeter. The facility will include an integrated filling line comprising a vial washer, vial sterilising tunnel, powder filling machine, capper, and decontamination machine.

The facility will require Container Preparation, Equipment Preparation, Equipment Wash, Decontamination and Filling suites and their associated airlocks. The rooms are a mixture of cleanrooms with ISO7/Grade C and ISO8/Grade D classifications dependent on function.

The Process Piping Package includes supply and installation of ROW pump, WFI and ROW heat exchangers, compressed air receiver, vacuum system for clean room air particle counters, piping, valves, instruments and filters for services such as-

•           Reverse Osmosis Water

•           Water For Injection (WFI)

•           Pure Steam

•           Pharma Air

•           Nitrogen

Building 5 – Freeze Dryer 11 (FD11)

Installation of all process services for new Freeze Dryer FD11 in Building 5.

The Process package includes supply and installation of services such as CIP, Pure Steam, Pharma Air, Nitrogen, Chilled Water,

Pfizer – December 2020 – February 2021

Project Value – $250,000.

Building 5 – Segregation

Installation of new WFI loop system, Glycol jacketed Product lines, Pharma Air & Nitrogen into new manufacturing suits. Installation of required heat exchangers, including associated services- chilled water, steam and condensate. Installation of new vial washer and drying tunnel including connection of required services.

Pfizer – July 2018 – January 2019

Project Value – $450,000.

Building 1 – Liposome

Installation of new WFI loop system, clean Nitrogen, Pharma Air & Process Heating/Cooling lines into new manufacturing suits.

Installation of new waste treatment plant.

Plant room works including installation of heat exchangers and required services – Chilled Water, Steam & Condensate. Installation of new WFI Still. RO water supply to still.

Pfizer – June – December 2018 Project Value – $650,00