MSD Animal Health


February 2019 – January 2020



Bacterial Fermentation Facility Capacity Upgrade
The project involved increasing the bacterial fermentation suite production capacity from the current 150 Litre fermentation capacity to 2000 Litres fermentation capacity. The production capacity increase was conducted within a new building extension which interfaces directly with the existing production facility. The expansion required new standalone utilities including chilled water, heating hot water, steam and compressed air. Existing services which will require upgrading include distribution to the new areas, modification of the existing Purified Water reticulation service and modification of the existing Clean Steam system. Additional services which will be required to support the new facility include a chemical bund for the chemicals required for CIP system, liquid waste decontamination and trade waste cooling and neutralisation relocation of the existing bulk liquid nitrogen tank to enable the vessel to be safely filled.

Purified Water Piping Replacement

This project involved the replacement of the existing piping used for reticulation of USP Purified Water at the MSD production facility with 316L high purity stainless steel piping.

USP Purified Water is reticulated from the 10,000 litre Purified Water storage vessel in the Plant Services Plantroom within the Production building to users within the Production building, Quality Control Laboratory and Pilot Laboratory.

The scope of the project was to remove and replace the existing ABS plastic piping used to reticulate USP Purified Water on site with orbitally welded and fully traceable 316L stainless steel piping installation that complies with the GMP requirements of a USP Purified Water system.

MSD Animal Health – January – April 2019 Project Valve – $400,000