Mayne Pharma


August 2017 - March 2018



Oral Solution Dosing Facility Upgrade

Installation of all process services within the new Oral Dosing Solution Facility process area of Mayne Pharma.
Process services were installed to Fluid Bed Dryer (GLATT) and Solution Tanks within Spray Coating production area, High Shear Granulator (SMA) within Granulation production area, Sieve within Sieving production area, Tablet Press (SMA) within Tablet Compression production area and Tablet Coater (Sejong) within Tablet Coating production area.
Services included: Installation of new Pure Water storage (10,000L tank) and reticulation system (14 user points throughout the facility), installation of Wash-In-Place skids (GLATT, SMA & Sejong), Ethanol, Clean Steam, Pure Nitrogen (99.999%), Medium Pressure Steam & Condensate, Domestic Hot & Cold Water, Instrument Air and Pharma Air.